Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo Recap

I've been a fan of hip-hop (and music in general) for as long as I can remember. My first ever cassette was Bone Thugs N Harmony's "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" single, a Christmas present from my older brother. Ha, I think I was twelve. Before that my older sisters would blast Run-DMC, Public Enemy and Biz Markie (Oh baby you :) ...) in their tape decks when they would take me on joyrides or to soccer practice. After that, I was exposed to Too Short, 2Pac, Biggie and many others in my maturing. Anyway, the family instilled the beat in my blood at a young age and I loved it. Now fast-forward a bit...

Following a long five year spell as employees during and post college at the old location, Ashley and I had just recently acquired The Hop after the move to where it is today. While conjuring up "The Business Plan", it was clear that how to fill the space in the store was something to address. We flooded our minds with ideas while brainstorming, but nothing seemed to fit quite right. Then, as an aside to our thinking-cap mentality, a friend said that she had seen a kid's hip-hop performer at LEAF. A few gears began to turn and I started investigating.

When I first heard the accepting and perfectly Asheville tune, "I Gotta Be Me", by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, I was completely absorbed. My penchant for hip-hop may have overruled composure, but regardless, within 30 minutes, I had sent an email to 23 Skidoo asking if he would be interested in performing at The Hop. Already the vision had been hatched. The plans made. The stage set. And then I received confirmation. Yes! The Hop will be a venue for free family-friendly entertainment! That was the beginning, and last Tuesday, 6:30pm, at the Secret Agent 23 Skidoo show with a packed house, the vision fully came to fruition.

With such brilliantly positive songs as "Chase the Rain" and "The Whalephant", from which a person of any age can draw truth and inspiration, 23 Skidoo boiled our blood with the beat and compound-syllable rhymes combined. The children (and adults, including myself) in the audience found themselves unable to refrain from letting the hip-hop vibe take them over. From start to finish it was non-stop head-bobbin', feet-stompin' family fun that will be remembered for years to come!

Many thanks to the Skidoo family and friends for once again bringing such a wonderful community scene to The Hop and to Asheville!

Check out more videos from the Secret Agent 23 Skidoo show (and our other shows) at TheHopIceCream youtube channel!

Stay tuned for updates of to-come free family entertainment at The Hop (mostly Tuesday nights at 6:30pm -kids eat free both at Urban Burrito and Artisan Catering and Deli!).

Much Love,
The Hop Ice Cream Cafe

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