Monday, February 21, 2011

Dr. Suess' Birthday at The Hop; A Book Exchange

We love Dr. Seuss. Seriously. The worlds he created for children (and their parents), the simple portrayals of positive living, the beautifully unique characters and images which perfectly embrace the youthful spirit is beyond what can be blogged. Given that, please join us as we, The Hop, celebrate Dr. Suess' coming birthday in the physical realm. Here is what we have planned...

Wednesday, March 2nd, from 4-7pm: A Free Children's Book Exchange!
Have some children's books that could use a new home (donations are welcome any time prior to the event)? Have some children that are looking for something new to read? In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birfday, we invite you all to a "Give a Book, Take a Book" event for kids and families at The Hop on Merrimon. In addition, all remaining books will be donated to Helpmate, a very worthy domestic violence agency/shelter in Asheville.

(If you are interested in further donations, like paper towels and toilet paper, to Helpmate, online is their Wish List.)

Also, from 6-7pm, we will open up the space in our store for a Dr. Seuss themed open-mic session. Anything Seuss-related goes! Prepare a reading, costumes, skits created by your family, et cetera. This will be an occasion for all Seuss lovers to shine! Hosted by Barbie Angell!

David Novak video from last year's Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration!

Hope to see you there!
Much Love,
Greg and Ashley Garrison
The Hop Ice Cream Cafe
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The Hop West
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