Monday, July 12, 2010

Now You See Them recap

It's one thing when a band wins over a crowd, which definitely happened this past Sunday. It's another thing when a crowd wins over a band...

Now You See Them were gracious enough to perform on July 11th for an eager audience full of grateful families and followers. After the first song, it was apparent that those in attendance, regardless their age, were enraptured.

In the past The Hop has not been an Asheville venue that inherently draws musicians. But once the performers experience the atmosphere, the verve, the scene, they are rarely disappointed. The crowd's honest enthusiasm for family-friendly entertainment is evident, and most acts cannot help but feel the pull. How can they when a five year old lets loose and twists their heart out to the tunes?

When a child first discovers that music can wholly take them over, it's a beautiful thing. It is a priceless moment. I for one shed years witnessing such sights and, as a result, find myself a ten year old again strait-up stampeding to the beat. Not all music is as inspirational as that. However, Now you See Them brought it out in all of us!

We at The Hop extend all of the love within us to Jason, Shane and Dulci of Now You See Them for giving us and our people a chance to be a part of their show, to experience their wonderful energy and mantra through music. We only hope that the crowd helped to mutually fuel it.

Videos from the event can be found courtesy of ThatBeat1974 and TheHopIceCream on youtube.

Aside from providing Homemade Ice Cream and Locally Roasted Coffee and Espresso, free family entertainment is our thing, so to speak, so check out our Facebook page, Twitter and website for updates on shows and events!

Thanks yet again to Now You See Them and much love,
Greg and Ashley Garrison
The Hop Ice Cream Cafe
828 254 2224

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  1. Thanks to you Greg and Ashley, and to Jason, Shane and Dulci. We had SO much fun!