Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Robin Plemmons Art Opening/Our Voice Fundraiser

Tonight, Tuesday, 2/21, 5-8pm on Merrimon:

Local Asheville celebrity craftwoman, Robin Plemmons, will be unveiling a new and wonderful line of (rated G) artwork for this exciting event! Plus 50% of sales during will be donated to Our Voice. Double plus, the art will be up through the beginning of April!

Here's a quote from Robin herself: "I'm really excited about it & so grateful for the potential to support all the awesome going on at Our Voice. It feels like some of my most favorite work is coming out of me recently."

Needless to say, Ashley and I are PUMPED for this event!


  1. This looks that it will be a wonderful diplay of art. Robin is a good artist and this will give him an opportunity to display his talent.