Friday, June 10, 2011

#CranesForJudith Sunday at The Hop

This Sunday from 6-8pm at The Hop on Merrimon, we would like to invite you to participate in a very moving and inspiring effort known as "Fold 1000 Paper Cranes for Judith Hallock". There will be a group of Asheville folks there folding and helping others fold origami peace cranes. Paper supplies and some light refreshments will be provided. For additional details about this cause, click here.

Here's a video from Wednesday's crane-folding event at Top Floor Studio downtown, filmed by Gary Charles of G Social Media. Over 30 people attended to fold cranes for one celebrated woman!

If you are unable to attend on Sunday, but would still like to join the effort, feel free to gather together for a crane-folding event of your own, then bring your peace cranes to Top Floof Studio (located at 58 1/2 Lexington Ave) or The Hop (640 Merrimon Ave) at any convenient time on or before Sunday.

"More than anything [Judith] would like to see world peace so following in the story of Sadako Sasaki we would like to honor this wish by making 1000 cranes with the wish for World Peace. These cranes will help lift her spirits like she has done for so many others in the peace movement." -from Fold 1000 Paper Cranes for Judith Hallock FB page.

Hope to see you there,
Greg and Ashley Garrison
The Hop Ice Cream Cafe
640 Merrimon Ave
828 254 2224
The Hop West
721 Haywood Rd
828 252 5155

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