Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun Week Ahead At The Hop!

Dearest Asheville,
Here's what we have brewing in the event department this week!

Tuesday April 5th 5-8pm: HATCH(lings) Fundraiser.
What is Asheville? is a week of play and experimentation in the streets of Asheville using Cell phones, GPS, text messaging and mission-driven exploration. Middle schoolers form various neighborhoods of Asheville will turn their city into a Living Gameboard. Our youth's findings will be compiled into an interactive collective journal that dynamically organizes and reorganizes the collected information through compositions of words, sound and imagery leading to visions, a celebration and ACTION! To help fund this brilliant plan, we will be donating 50% of sales during the event to HATCH Asheville! All the details here :)

Wednesday April 6th 4-6pm: Seed Money Bake Sale and Tweetup for Ownership Appalachia.
Ownership Appalachia, promoting the cooperative economy in the Southern Appalachians (and more!), is raising money to begin its work. Help them reach their goal of $2000.00 to pay for basic business needs and professional training. These are good folks worthy of support. Click here for all the details. :)

Sat 7-8:30pm and Sun 2-3:30pm at Odyssey Community School: The Runaway Circus!
We had the privilege of scooping at this event last Saturday, and it was absolutely brilliant family fun! Juggling, magic, vaudeville and all out hilarity abound. We'll be back this Saturday and Sunday to provide some scoops and enjoy the wonderful whimsy The Runaway Circus brings. All details here.

And here's a video of The Runaway Circus performing at The Hop :)

Much Love!
Greg and Ashley Garrison
The Hop Ice Cream Cafe
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828 254 2224
The Hop West
721 Haywood Rd
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