Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gearing Up For Halloween

All shows herein will be at The Hop located at 640 Merrimon Ave.

*The Runaway Circus will perform music, juggling, and their all out hilarity Tuesday October 26th at 6:30pm*

It's nearly Halloween. Nature's shift in color confirms it to be true. And so we group together and gather around small fires with our friends, we somehow slow our pace and inch a little closer to family and loved ones to eat ice cream :). Our eyes are in awe of and minds aflame with the pallor of a changing season...
*Curtain Call Collective, Directed by Christopher Martin, will perform scenes from "Revenna" by Asheville's Stacy Curnow, Wednesday October 27th at 6:30pm*

Then, as if it could not get any better, we playfully prepare for grey days in down coats by outfitting ourselves in winsomely rediculous costumes. We parade around in them on bustling steets or in our favorite haunts. We play pranks and jokes on one another. We laugh. Just the thought of it sheds years from our demeanors, and thus we stop taking ourselves too seriously. There it is, a chance for the kid to reemerge.
*Asheville magician and balloon artist, Mark Deverges, will entice the mind with an exceptionally large balloon creation Saturday October 30th at 3pm*

For a day, a week, a full month even, we pull out all the stops to give our youthful spirit its moment in the crisp Autumn light. We create and interact in a completely different, yet not foreign way. We are seven, or ten, or twenty years old again. Just imagine how much enjoyable entertainment results as a product of adults letting go. We at The Hop hope to inspire such youthful Halloween enthusiasm in all of you in our own ice-cream-store way!

Much Love and Happy Halloween!
Greg and Ashley
*Me with Luminescent Orchestrii in front of The Hop Mobile, outside of our new location, The Hop West, 721 Haywood Rd*

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