Monday, August 16, 2010

Open Hearts Art Show Recap

We really cannot explain to you how great this event was.

The excitement of the Open Hearts Art Center's students was beyond what words can tell.

The touchingly raw and honest enthusiasm shown in their art work perfectly matched their willingness to participate, but cannot be captured, however we tried, in pictures.

This was one of those small moments in life when all preconceived notions; all of those little "games" most of us can play; all internal negativity, pessimism, self-doubt, et cetera get tossed out the window.

Only every so often, under certain special circumstances, do most of us let ourselves shed all external influences to reveal how we truly feel or what we truly are.

While they show it in whatever way they can, these wonderful, so-called "disabled" adults breathe what is wholly real within themselves.

And simply are.

We at The Hop cannot thank Open Hearts Art Center enough for allowing us this opportunity to experience what life without walls can be like and thank all of the people in this beautiful community for showing their support of what has honestly been our flat-out most inspiring in-store event!

If you didn't get the chance to make it to the Open Hearts Art Opening and would like to check out the display, it will be up in The Hop for the next month. To benefit the artists and program, all art is on sale for much less than it is really worth. Also, OHAC is always happy to accept monetary donations and supplies.

Thanks again. You all are brilliant!
Much Love,
Greg and Ashley Garrison
The Hop Ice Cream Cafe


  1. What a wonderful thing - helping anyone create, especially those who aren't particularly encouraged to or told that the things they do create are 'worth anything' to be given a show like this and loved as much as we know how.

    Sorry we were only there in spirit and had to come by later, but thank you again for doing this, helping in the fun way you both help so much!

    zen and helen

  2. A moving experience for all involved, it looks like from viewing the video and sounds like from reading your inspired words. Life is for learning.


  3. Fun and laughter on all those faces express the joy of the evening along with your words. I'll bet everyone got ice cream also.

  4. Thank you for this experience, the Hop! Our students were beaming from all the excitement. We are stunned by your generosity and welcome the Hop to our Open Hearts Family.
    Love and Thanks,
    the Open Hearts Crew

  5. SO great, you guys!!! I'm sad I missed it!!!